About Company

Mision Bolid

We operate in three different sectors, so it requires from us an individual approach in every way. We learned this rule and cultivate it in accordance with the philosophy of our company.

  • …in the refrigeration industry we are guided by…

…first of all an individual needs of our Clients.
The main idea company Bolidis the design and delivery of modern refrigeration in the range of cooling capacity from 0,5 to 34 kW and temperature ranges: -15oC ÷ +25oC. All chillers are selected according to individual parameters, regardless of the industry, which allows us to continually expand the scope of activities…

  • …in the brewing industry…

…we supply reliable equipment to beer always tasted delicious.
We support regional breweries and cultivate the tradition of drinking golden beverage…

  • …in the construction industry…

…we guided by the quality and reliability produced by us  Olkit.
About the sealing we know almost everything.

The values of Bolid


Sur work we treat with due respect, we make every effort to ensure that each one realized by us the project meets the highest standards in every sense of the word. We advise competently and reliably, guided by the individual needs. We constantly improve our competence in order to keep a leading position in the industries where we are active. Each Client we devote a separate time and attention. We understand the seriousness of our actions and what can harm even the smallest negligence.


When we create our equipment and products we use the latest technology. We try to keep our equipment at the highest level, constantly train our staff. From our suppliers and subcontractors we require the highest precision and care, we care about the substantive facilities, introducing simpler and easier to service our equipment was simple and accessible to everyone. Our devices are designed for years.


In business, we take care of partnership relations with our Clients, Employees, colleagues, suppliers and cooperators. We are guided by the highest ethical standards and moral. We strive to establish strong bonds and strong business relationships. Every customer is treated individually, with due respect, we dedicate him a separate time and attention.

Also inside the company, we value and cultivate a partnership approach, we are a team who like people, where each of us is a specialist in its field. Each of us has the right to express their own opinions, which actively participate in the creation of goodwill. We respect dividing our differences, we care about our common interests, share experiences and help each other.

Our story…

Once upon a time … in a sweltering weekend of June, a group of students of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering Technical University of Gdansk went on a camping trip. The boys took to each other tents, fishing rods, packed lunch and a beer … lots of beer. At the place they arrived on Friday late afternoon, put the tents and started to camp. The next day, they went to go fishing, spend the whole day as befits real men…. when they returned they wanted to drink some beer… which after a long, hot day the beer was warm… …

“I will never drink a warm beer… and I start to produce equipment that will be cooled it… because only a cold beer tastes good” – these were the words of Our President Henry Maciejewski

… as he said – so he did. Since then, that is still in college, he began to construct the first beer-coolers. And his first customers were friends from the dorm. After his studies, together with his wife moved to her native Radom. There he obtained a post in one of the Radom factories continuing to operate as a designer of beer dispensing and cooling equipment… after some time, this garage business began to flourish. Our President resigned from work for a growing company. In the late 80’s expanded range of activities, in addition to equipment for beer, he started producing also all accessories.

In the meantime, an idea appeared to Olkitu, common child of Our President and colleagues from the chemical department. The next step was the refrigeration industry and chillers for bakeries.

… that is, as shows history our company… from the beginning, everything that we produce comes from passion. Each of our products has its own history, which was inspired by the individual needs of our customers. Today our own products, we have nearly 1.000 … and for each one we have something to say.

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