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Chiller Piccolo/B/1.0/DWB – to be built in machine

SCH Piccolo /B/1.0/DWB is designed for direct cooling of machine parts or processes by means of circulating liquids in a closed circuit (it can be ordinary water or glycol mixtures up to 25%). It is designed for continuous operation, carried out in an automatic cycle, according to parameters set on the EV3X21 controller. The chiller has a 10-liter thermally insulated tank in which the liquid is cooled. The current temperature is displayed on the controller. The chiller does not have a plate exchanger. The cooling circuit is forced by the chiller’s own pump. INLET and OUTLET have quick plug couplings for φ 10 hose.

Technical data:

Piccolo B/0.5/EVK/GL
Art. No
Cooling capacity (CC)
616 W / -23,3 ° C
Outlet temperature range
from -25 to +5 ° C
EV3 X21 digital controller with display
~1 / 240 V / 50 Hz
Power consumption / In
497 W / 9,10 A
Circulating pump
ST-R Hmax=7 m / Qmax = 12 l/min
Connections (outlet/inlet)
plug-in with quick couplings for tube 10 mm with the filter on inlet
Buffer tank capacity
10 L
Circulating medium
tap water or a mixture of glycol up to 25%
Dimensions in mm
500 x 400 x 370
Weight / volume
21 kg / < 52 dBA
without body

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