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Temperature stabilizers

Temperature stabilizer it is a specialized device which is cooling/heating, used to maintain the desired temperature of the liquid and circulate it in closed circuits, for cooling or heating of machine parts. It is designed for continuous work (FLOW) realized in automatic mode (AUT) according to set parameters on the controller.

Temperature stabilizers include a thermally insulated buffer tank, in which the mixing of the liquid returning from the receiver and the liquid-cooled/heated in the stabilizer. Temperature of water mixed – as the average – is displayed on the controller.

Device programming and control of the two functions is performed using a digital controller.

Circulation between the receiver and the temperature stabilizer forced a centrifugal pump (self-priming).

Stabilizers are compact units, suitable for use inside and outside the facility.

They can circulate the tap-water, demineralized water and a mixture of glycol to 35%.

As the temperature stabilizer we can offer each chillers available in our offer series Piccolo, B 2000, B 300 and B Max.


Each models is also available as M type

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