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About chillers

Chillers Bolid – are specialized cooling equipment, whose task is to remove heat generated in industrial processes using water or other media – circulating in closed circuits – according to the parameters established for these processes.

They are produced in versions B (for direct cooling) and M (cooling the intermediate).

They are suitable for continuous work (FLOW), implemented in automatic cycle (AUT).

Chillers Bolid – are compact structures equipped with compressor units and buffer tanks with capacities ranging from 8 to 1,700 L, in which the heat transfer occurs. Mixed water temperature is displayed on the controller.

The buffer tank is a modern block evaporator, powered dynamic capillary or expansion valve (for devices above 10 kW).

Circulation and heat transfer is forced pump with a mixer or a centrifugal pump with a disposable pressure 1 ÷ 5 bar and flow rates of 10 to 100 l/min.

Chillers work in the standard +20/+15oC, +12/+7oC, as well as a chilled water system without glycol or system HAF-Eis with a mixture of glycol.

Currently we produced coolers with capacities from 0.5 to 34 kW and an exceptionally wide temperature ranges outlet (from -20oC → to +25oC).

Chillers represent the energy class EER/COP = A/B, they generate a ice-accumulator, where it`s collected cold supply.

Optional – they are equipped with a AIR-degree (freecooling) – for pre-cooling by ambient air.

Normative standards of performance

compact – enclosed, complete unit with buffer tank, circulation pump and automatic. Delivered on a pallet.

Cooling capacity (Cc) = cooling capacity indicated (QCH)
– by EN 12900 and working conditions Tevp=+7,2oC, Tamb=32oC, Tcond=+45oC

In/Out – designed for the receivers irretrievably losing ice water in the technological process. Means an equivalent amount of water entering (In) to the chiller and outgoing (Out) as ice-water.

Air degree – (free cooling) it means cooling using an air condenser.


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