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Chillers B 300


  • for cooling in a closed circuit using water or a mixture of glycol,
  • to produce chilled technological water (version In/Out),
  • to maintain the desired temperature coolants in machine tools and processes that produce large amounts of the heat (version M)
  • for cooling with heat condensing recovery (version MOCS)

Cooling capacities (CC) series B300 –  from 5.5 to 16 kW

Versions available:

  • B – for cooling water directly from the own buffer reservoir
  • M – for cooling media other than water (eg. oil or treatment liquids) – by means of a tube exchanger, immersed in the buffer tank cooler
  • MOCS – with module heat condensing recovery and further use
  • In/Out – for the production of chilled water, then irretrievably wasted in the process; The chiller takes the water from the water-network, cools it and dispenses
  • I-A – two-piece chiller  with cooling agregat from the outside


each models is also available as M, MOCS or I-A type

model B 300/B/8.2 –has go 2 cooling units, that operate independently, according to the cooling demand

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