schładzacze do piekarni

Industrial chillers

The task of chillers (chillerów) „Bolid” is:

  • generation of technological cold water,
  • cooling water or other fluids circulating in closed cooling circuits manufacturing machines
  • maintaining the set temperature coolants in machine tools, electro drilling and other machines that produce large amounts of heat and require his discharge.


  • brewing industry and food industry (water ice)
  • in the processing of materials (plastic, rubber, metal welding, electro drilling),
  • in the production of plastic packaging and blister,
  • electroplating, CNC machine and laser tools
  • in the production of footwear, printing, laundries
  • in the electric machinery industry and energetics
  • other special applications – designed individually

What product you receive:

  • European quality – certified declarations CE, IP
  • attractive price – because manufactured in Poland,
  • eco-friendly efficiency – because it produces ice cold accumulator,
  • small dimensions,



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