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Water mixer

Water mixer “USP-UE-L” to cooperate with water chillers „Bolid” and others.

Modern, electronic water mixer with a special entrance to the ice water in stainless steel casing.

Suitable to cooperate with water chiller series

  • B 1.000/M
  • B 500/M
  • B 300/M


Characteristics of water mixer:

Programming: using the keyboard
Setting: dose of 0,1 to 99,9 litres / temp. from 4oC to 70oC
Water connections: 1/2″
Water pressure: 2 to 5 bar
Flow: 1,5 do 25 l/min
Power / protection: 230 V / 50 Hz / IP 54 / insert 2×500 mA type M
Alarms: overtemperature, damage sensor temperature and flow
Case:  INOX
Manufacturer Warranty: 12 months



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