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Dispense-head KEG


“BDE System” – it`s a head of the highest quality according to standard MM.

Standard connection – 5/8″ G (BEER, GAS) and simple nipple ø9 for tube 7×2,5 and 8×3 or „PYTHON” 6,7×1,4 (JG 3/8″).

Produced based on the technology of forging a matrix, slider made of stainless steel H18N9T (norm DIN/AISI), processed on CNC machines, ensuring perfect reproducibility of details. The body of the dispense head is made of Mo58/59 or alternatively stainless steel.

The head is sold complete (with nipples and threads).

Flach “A”
Art. No 49


Kombi “M”
Art. No 52


Korb “S”
Art. No 53


Flach “G”
Art. No 50


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