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Roll-bars – is a proposal for breweries, beer distributors – but also for wedding houses, hotels, organizers of mass events and individual recipients.


example roll-bar for Cidr

Roll-bars we can offer as a complete installation for cooling and dispensing beer from KEGs or only the same – without installation. At the roll-bars, we can apply a graphic design by the customer – even when ordering 1 pc.!


Roll bars we are offered in four variants:

Roll-bar small – 900x1000x600
Art. No 12
Roll-bar big – 1250x1000x600
Art. No 11
Roll-bar mini – 500x1000x600
Art. No 2569
Roll-bar mini/CH – 500x1000x600
Art. No 2570
Roll-bar with built-in dry-cooler and the chamber on the barrel KEG

rollbary2 rollbary3 rollbary4 rollbary5

(sample projects)


  • construction made of lightweight steel profiles, painted with anticorrosive paint and decorative in color for graphics
  • casing – galvanized sheet 0.5 mm
  • floor made of galvanized smooth
  • roll-bar staffed on a rotating wheels (two with brake)
  • top roll-bar made of waterproof plate thickness. 18 mm, covered by trimming of PVC
  • equipped with drawer for money
  • full color graphics, made on foil, according to your project, or neutral, showing a beer with foam.
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