sprzęt do piwa

For collectors

Traditional ceramic towers
with logo breweries
We offer:

1. Towers of Polish breweries – existing and not
2. Towers of Russian and Lithuanian breweries
3. Towers of German breweries
Towers are complete and ready for immediate use.Additionally, we have:
cups of thick glasses, beer glasses and pokals with logos breweries, and other historic equipment


Żywiec Brewery
tower with 2 taps


Brok Brewery
tower with 2 taps

ceramic5 ceramic5l

Piast Brewery
tower with 1 tap

ceramic9 ceramic9l

Hetman Brewery
tower with 1 tap

ceramic8 ceramic8l

Warmińsko-Mazurskie Brewery
tower with 1 tap

ceramic4 ceramic4l

Drozdowo Brewery
tower with 2 taps

ceramic3 ceramic3l


Berliner Burgerbrau Brewery
tower with 2 taps

ceramic10 ceramic10l


Varpa Brewery
tower with 2 taps

ceramic6 ceramic6l


Tołstjak Brewery
tower with 2 taps

ceramic7 ceramic7l

Samara Brewery
tower with 2 taps

ceramic1 ceramic1l

Poltawpiwo Brewery
tower with 2 taps

ceramic11 ceramic11l

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